Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and I’m very sick… again.

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Alpaca smooches and cuddles for a sick Markimoo~


Alpaca smooches and cuddles for a sick Markimoo~


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag intro cutscenes

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And I’m like “Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus-gram stings even worse than your abandonment”. (Juno, 2007)

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-> SPN quote 8/?
-> SPN quote 8/?
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And I’m so excited and I’m so happy for the future and I hope that you believe in me the same way that I believe in what we’re doing here and the good that we’re spreading across the world. So thank you all so much and thank you so much.

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Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I will see you again.

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you’re not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain’t your dad.

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Mass Relays are mass transit devices scattered throughout the galaxy, usually located within star systems. They form an enormous network allowing interstellar travel. Hailed as one of the greatest achievements of the extinct Protheans, a mass relay can transport starships instantaneously to another relay within the network, allowing for journeys that would otherwise take years or even centuries with only FTL drives.

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I'm just like them. I'm full of the same ugliness they were. This is how humans are. It's how we are, Sebastian!


gabriel macht beard appreciation

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Five years ago I was escorting a nuclear engineer out of Iran. Somebody shot out my tires near Odessa. We lost control, went straight over a cliff. I pulled us out. But the Winter Soldier was there. I was covering my engineer, so he shot him, straight through me. Soviet slug, no rifling. Bye bye bikinis.

captain america: the winter soldier   kodakumi